The HALO Group enjoys strong ties to a number of leading research groups and agencies from all around the world. Apart from developing local and national links with key Saudi Arabian and Middle East stakeholders, we are also engaged in ongoing activities with international projects and programs, including with:

​The HALO group works closely with Dr. Martha Anderson, Dr. Feng Gao,  Dr. Bill Kustas and other researchers at the USDA Hydrology and Remote Sensing Lab on collaborative projects relating to multi-sensor and multi-scale remote sensing of land surface fluxes and vegetation biophysical properties.​​ The USDA s​cientists are actively involved in the implementation of an enhanced satellite-based agricultural monitoring system for the MENA region.


The HALO Group has ongoing interactions with a number of scientists at the University of New South Wales, but particulary with Prof Jason Evans from the Climate Change Research Centre and Dr Gregoire Mariethoz from the School of Civil and Environmental EngineeringProf Evans​ is actively involved with our research group in the application of Regional Climate Modeling to a range of hydrometeorological investigations, while Dr​ Mariethoz utilizes his expertise in geostatistics to engage with the group on a range of challenging geospatial and geostatistical problems in hydrology and related disciplines.


Prof McCabe has had an ongoing collaboration with Prof Eric Wood at Princeton University since early 2003 when he started work as a post-doc in the Wood hydrology group. During this period and subsequently, the research interactions have focused on terrestrial hydrological remote sensing, the estimation of regional to ​​​​​​​global evapotranspiration and a range of other topics. The HALO Group is also engaging with Dr Justin Sheffield​ at Princeton on a range of topics encompassing remote sen​​sing, land surface modeling and drought characterisation. Further information on the Princeton group and the research that they are pursuing can be found at​