Global scale estimation of land surface heat fluxes from space: product assessment and intercomparison

by McCabe M, Miralles D, Jimenez C, Ershadi A, Fisher J, Mu Q, Liang M, Mueller B, Sheffield J, Seneviratne S, Wood E
Year: 2013 ISSN: ISBN 9781466505780 - CAT# K14587


McCabe M, Miralles D, Jimenez C, Ershadi A, Fisher J, Mu Q, Liang M, Mueller B,  Sheffield J, Seneviratne S and Wood E (2013) 
Chapter 10, pp. 249-282, in Remote Sensing of Energy Fluxes and Soil Moisture
Editor Petroupoulos GP, CRC Press, Taylor and Francis Group, FL USA.


Remote sensing Global Evaporation