Liping Deng, PhD

Research Scientists

Research Scientist, Joint Appointment with ErSE (Prof Stenchikov) and EnSE (Prof McCabe)



Dr. Deng studied Atmospheric Science at the Iowa State University in USA, where she received her PhD in 2010. She moved to Richland in Washington State after accepting a Postdoctoral Research Associate position in the climate physics group at  Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. In early 2013, she joined KAUST as a Research Scientist and works jointly with  Prof McCabe and  Prof Stenchikov in aspects of Regional Climate Modelling.

Research Interests

Dr. Deng has research interests in high resolution simulation of precipitation, Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO) and air-sea interactions. The recently released Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) Version 3.5 is being used in her current research, with a focus on high resolution simulation of heavy rainfall around the eastern coast of Red Sea. In her previous research at  Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, she worked on the installation and evaluation of a shallow cumulus parameterization in the WRF Version 3.2.1. Also, ground-based optical rain gauge, radar and lidar datasets from the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Tropical Western Pacific (TWP) site of Manaus were used in her studies to examine the evolution of rainfall and clouds associated with the MJO. 

Dr Deng's Ph.D. work at Iowa State University focused on investigating the effects of convective processes on General Circulation Model (GCM) simulations of the MJO with three modifications in the convection scheme: convective momentum transport (CMT), revised convection closure, and convection trigger condition. The related mechanism was discussed through the analysis of perturbation kinetic energy (PKE) and moist static energy (MSE).

At KAUST Liping is currently involved in activities related to regional climate modeling applications over the  Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and characterising the reproduction of heavy rainfall events for flash flooding studies. 


  • 2010 PhD. Atmospheric Sciences, Iowa State University​

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American Geophysical Union
American Meteorological Society

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Environment modeling Fluid mechanics Large scale/High capacity computing Numerical analysis