Ahmed El Kenawy, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellows

Post-Doctoral Fellow (2013-2015)

Environmental Sciences and Engineering

Assistant Professor, Mansoura University, Egypt



Dr. El Kenawy studied Geography at the undergraduate level at Mansoura, Tanta and Cairo Universities in Egypt for almost eight years. Then, he pursued his graduate studies in the United Kingdom (Leicester University) and he got a master's degree in Environmental Informatics in 2007. In 2012, he was awarded a PhD on spatio-temporal assessment of observed and modelled temperature changes on a regional scale in NE Iberia. Since then, his research interests have been focused on different areas, such as: climate reconstruction, data quality control, climate data homogenization, data recovery from documentary sources, with special emphasis on extreme weather events, analysis of regional climatic extremes, and analysis of climate variability. In addition, he is also working on attribution of climatic extreme events as controlled by atmospheric teleconnections and middle atmosphere dynamics.

Research Interests

Climate Diagnosis - Climatic Change-Weather Extreme Events- Modes of Atmospheric Variability- GIS- Spatial Statistics- Regional Climate Models.

Selected Publications


  • 2012: PhD in Climatology, University of Zaragoza, Spain.
  • 2007: Master of Science in Environmental Informatics, University of Leicester, UK.
  • 2001: Bachelor of Arts in Geography, Tanta University, Egypt.
  • 1999: Bachelor of Arts in Geography, Mansoura University, Egypt

Scientific and Professional Membership

The Spanish Association of Climatology (http://www.aeclim.org/index.php?lang=en).
The European Meteorological Society (http://www.emetsoc.org/).
The Egyptian Geographical Society.


  • A grant as a visiting scholar at the Department of Geography, University of Kansas, USA from September-December 2011.
  • The PhD channel scholarship, the DAAD, Germany, 2008.
  • The Fellowship of ICE WaRM, the International Centre of Excellence in Water Resources Management, Australia, 2007.
  • The ORSAS PhD grant, Leicester University, UK, 2007.
  • The Fellowship of the Korean Institute of Science and Technology, Seoul, 2007.
  • The PhD fellowship, Spanish Research Council, Madrid, Spain, 2007. 
  • The Fellowship of the Netherlands Fellowship Programme (Nuffic), Netherlands, 2006.
  • The Fellowship of the International Fellowships Programme (IFP), USA, 2004.
  • Prof. Farouk Shwiqa prize for social sciences, Cairo University, 2004.

Research Interests Keywords

Regional climate modeling Geographic Information System (GIS) Spatial Statistics Climate Diagnosis Weather Extreme Events