Recent research publications from the HALO group

27 July, 2016

The KAUST-HALO group and international collaborators have been busy in the first half of 2016, publishing 10 journal papers on topics ranging from understanding causes of greening in dryland systems (Lu et at. 2016) to examining the frequency and severity of changes of droughts in Ethiopia (El Kenawy et al. 2016). These are just two examples of the multi-disciplinary research being undertaken at KAUST by our team, with other topics including a new data assimilation assimilation approach, a spatio-temporal enhancement of leaf area index and a multi-year study presenting the results of a long-term global evaporation dataset.


We have 15 papers that are currently under submission to a range of journals, with many highlighting the more recent focus on agricultural systems: especially the use of high resolution satellite data and other remote sensing approaches for improving our understanding of these systems. Keep an eye on the Publications and News pages as these make their way through the peer-review process.