Prof Annalisa Molini presents her research on the "Deterministic-Stochastic Dualism of Precipitation and its Connection with Aridity"

27 June, 2013

​​Prof Annalisa Molini​ from Abu Dhabi's MASDAR Institute visited KAUST recently to discuss aspects of her research. The HALO Group had a chance to discuss with Prof Molini topics covering a wide range of topics, focusing on the nature of climate and water interactions - especially in arid environments. Annalisa also provided a more focused research presentation on the topic of "The Deterministic-Stochastic Dualism of Precipitation and its Connection with Aridity​", which reviewed a range of important aspects of land-atmosphere interaction, intermittency in precipitation description and exploring causality in aspects of the water cycle - aspects of considerable interest to the HALO Group. 

Further details of Prof Molini's research can be found at ​