PhD Student Profile - Yoseline Angel

31 October, 2016

Yoseline Angel is pursuing her PhD in Hyperspectral Remote Sensing for Biophysical Metrics of Crops. Originally from Columbia, with a background in geomatics and remote sensing, she arrived at KAUST in early 2016 to pursue research in the  HALO group, working with  Prof McCabe and  Dr Houborg. Her research focuses around the use of hyperspectral sensing tools to characterise derivable features of crop health and productivity. These have applications in better defining agricultural productivity as well as crop water use: key reseach thrusts of the HALO team.


Project Outline: "Modern agricultural production relies on the monitoring crop status by observing and measuring variables such as soil condition, plant health and disease, crop yield, etc. Remote sensing techniques have been applied to inform upon the various cycles of crop development, with a range of vegetation indicators established using multi and hyper-spectral remote sensing data. However, new techniques that combine both high spatial and high spectral resolution data are required to enhance vegetation retrieval and to understand how this might be correlated with the biophysical and biochemical characteristics of plants. This project aims to integrate data from hyper-spectral sensors onboard satellite and UAV platforms to improve these biophysical metrics (e.g., leaf area index, leaf senescence, biochemistry of pigments, water and dry leaf matter) and deliver improved agricultural management"